Hello. My name is Suzanne Schneider. I have been a College Professor and counsellor for over 30 years.

I have a B.S., MBA, over half the credits plus language toward a PhD in Sociology an ABD in the Ed.D. Doctoral Program. I am working on finishing my dissertation in Graduate Education.

I have been Associate Dean and Athletic Dean Advisor at

Fordham University. Currently, I am Coordinator/Asst. Professor in an

Adult Degree Completion Program at Manhattan College. I have also trained Police Officers in the New York City Police Academy, Westchester County Police, and Peekskill Police Departments. I have counselled the students at Fordham and Manhattan College extensively in both their academic and personal life situations. I have been a life coach for the past 4 years.

Why me?

In one lifetime I have been through so much drama, both personally and professionally, that nothing shocks or dismays me about you and your predicament. My personal life and how I have coped and survived qualify me more than my professional experience and degrees. These

experiences can help you move forward with your life, as I have.

We all need to be accepted and not judged.